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What Are Microinteractions And Why Does Your Website Need Them?
You should think of Microinteractions as small product moments that are there to accomplish one task without leaving a page. The chances are that you already use microinteractions around the web almost every day without realizing! Common microinteractions include liking a Facebook post, setting a status message, and rating a song. Users choose to trigger a microinteraction, which in turn triggers another part of the process. These cascading effects can quickly and easily upgrade the user experience and the overall visual of your website. Although microinteractions might seem an unnecessary added extra, they can have a far-reaching impact on your brand and company. Users are given the tools necessary to provide instant feedback, offer product guidance, and share your content with others. Microinteractions make the user experience more rewarding and can improve on-site navigation. Microinteractions may be small, but they can have a huge impact if you let them. Cataloging and aggregating all this free information can help improve the user experience and even impact your business operations. And, as we have said, microinteractions will be the biggest trend in web design next year.
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