How Organic Conversation Affects Web Traffic By BPS Digital Media | Thursday, March 30, 2017

The impact of social media has always been debated. However, the impact of social media on your website or business should not be overlooked and is an important metric to account for impact. What does a share from your brand does compared to share by someone else? What’s is more valuable for your brand: an earned social or an owned social?

Basically, earned social sharing is when someone other than your brand shares your content. It could be a consumer, influencer, or just an everyday person. On the other hand, an owned social is just the content your brand publishes on social media.

According to a recent study by Simply Measured, earned social drives 3.8x more traffic than owned. This is a good opportunity for your brand to measure which content is being shared the most, who is sharing, and where. By reading through the analytics of these metrics, you can easily optimize your strategy for a greater reach and turn that organic conversation on social media to more traffic on your website.

Also, earned social drives higher conversion rates than owned social media, meaning more people get to your website via a link originally shared by someone else. This is the digital equivalent of “word-of-mouth.” Understanding what type of content generates this behavior will help you drive more earned social traffic, so you can focus more on conversion and reach.

If that’s not reason enough to believe earned social is something your business should look at, earned social drives 1.12x more page views per visit than owned social. Earned social also boasts the lowest bounce rate among all social traffic sources.

This proves that social sharing shouldn’t be overlooked. This is the traffic that signals intent for your brand, and it’s crucial for you to follow it and understand it, to implement it in your marketing strategies, and to optimize your efforts.

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