Tips for Making Effective Facebook Ads By BPS Digital Media | Friday, June 30, 2017

Facebook advertising is rapidly becoming the best channel for businesses to reach their audiences, especially since the network started cutting back on organic post reach and pushing more paid content. Here are some of the essential elements you must take into consideration to create an effective Facebook ad:

Speak to the right audience

Before you even think about the ad design, think of the people you want to attract with your content. You won’t ever reach everyone. But, you can properly target your buyer personas. Look up information about your Facebook audience demographics, including gender, age group, primary language and geographical location. Take advantage of Facebook’s targeting functionality, you can target group users based on whether they have visited your website or not. It’s also a great tool if you want to reach a new audience because you can talk to them directly!

Define your goals

What do you really hope for with your Facebook ad? Are you driving clicks to a landing page, collecting leads, informing people of a new product, or looking to increase brand awareness? Defining your goal will help you through the design process, choosing the right content, defining your audience, and more.

Experiment with placement and format

Facebook allows different formats and placements for their ads. You can choose whether you wish your content to appear in News Feeds or at the right-hand column of the main page. You can even choose to display it only to mobile or desktop users. Finally, you can choose to go the traditional image format, or a carousel, or create an auto play video ad. When you know your audience, you’ll know which is the best choice for your ad.

Be creative

Facebook users are looking for highly visual experiences. Make sure your ad stands out among other content on your target audience’s News Feed. Make sure you invest in high-resolution images, high-definition videos and clever copy – Facebook won’t run ads that have too many words!

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