This is Why Your Business Needs an App By BPS Digital Media | Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Odd are you’ve been thinking for a while if your business needs or not a mobile app. You definitely should already have a responsive website! However, an app serves a very different purpose. A recent Nielsen study found that smartphone users spent a whopping 89 percent of their mobile media time using apps! Think of this as a huge opportunity for your business to take advantage of and get ahead.

An app can help your business increase sales or reach. How so? Well, a good mobile app can reduce friction in the checkout process, which everyone knows boosts sales. Apps usually offer a more convenient way to browse, since you’re thinking it from a finger-perspective. Also, an app gives you the opportunity to send push notifications to customers for new deals, products, events, reminders, etc., meaning eventually they all go back to your app to consume more information.

Although you may already have a mobile-friendly website, an app has a different purpose. They’re best suited for user retention and engagement. They’re not aimed at random audiences that find your website, they’re used by loyal customers that expect to be rewarded one way or the other.

Having an app is essential to keep your business competitive. If you don’t adapt to the market change, you’ll be left behind while your competitors soar. Mobile technology can help you run your business better, certain operations can be done more smoothly. Besides, a mobile app gives you the opportunity to literally be at your consumer’s hand all day, every day. This is way you must be certain to create the best user experience you can possibly achieve and include social networking, push notifications, personalization and user loyalty features.

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